Why Are You Getting Leaks?

With over 23 years of being in the water damage restoration industry, we frequently have customers asking how can they prevent future water damage issues?
Well… that’s the million dollar question!
When a pipe bursts call us!

When a pipe bursts call us!

Braided flexible water hose

Braided flexible water hose

But here are a few preventative steps we recommend you take immediately:
First, check your water pressure and make sure that your pressure is regulated. Your water pressure should be a maximum of 80 psi. The preferable setting is 65 psi. We love strong showers, but we also prefer to not dry-out our house from a pinhole leak!
Next, replace old rubber washing machine supply lines with steel braided supply lines. Don’t stop there! Also use steel braided supply lines for toilets and under kitchen and bathroom faucets to prevent leaks.
Look for mineral deposits on old shutoffs and supply lines under your sinks & behind your toilets.
The one thing we have noticed throughout Southern California is that these are pockets of homes where everyone is experiencing some form of pipe leak.
It really doesn’t matter if the home is 30 years old or brand new, the issues are the same.
It is no secret that Southern California has some of the hardest water in the country.
The high levels of calcium and magnesium in our water supply can take a toll on the integrity of your pipes.
You may never experience a leak or you may have 5 already – but if it seems that everyone around you has been experiencing water damage it may be time to re-pipe or epoxy line the pipes in your home.

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