Our standardized process for locating a leak consists of a series of steps, each step brings us closer to understanding what we need to know in order to offer you the best and most cost-effective solution to your problem. Here are the steps in our leak detection process:

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First we talk, then we look….

Our customers can tell us a lot and they are right most of the time! We listen to what you are experiencing. Maybe you have only received a notice from your water department showing high usage, or possibly you have hot floors, hear water running or see a wet spot on the floor, walls or ceiling. Any information you have will normally point us in the right direction.

After you point us in the right direction, we may conduct a simple pressure check on the system after we have isolated the home from the feeds to outside irrigation or pool feeds. We may also check walls and ceilings for moisture if water is not visible.

If water is showing on a wall near where plumbing is obviously within a wall or ceiling, we may suggest that we move direct to isolation of the leak by opening the wet wall or ceiling. If the point of the is leak is not obvious, then we move on to the electronic leak detection process.

imgThen we conduct an Electronic Leak Detection…

If the leak is in one of the water pipes under your floor, we will utilize our electronic detection equipment to listen to the water outlets under sinks, in the laundry area, water heater, and other points including the main and hose bibs. We don’t try to pinpoint a spot on the floor because we will never suggest breaking your floor up to make a repair. Our goal is to locate both ends of the leaking line which can be hidden in walls, under sinks, at the water heater, etc. The two ends of the leaking line will suggest where the line should be isolated from the system to stop the leak.

Mention ProCare Service and receive a Free Leak Detection! 866-651-3953

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